Being with you feels like being on a spinning roller coaster at the fair.

We lock eyes as the ride starts to slowly turn. 

You wink at me and I laugh trying to mask fear and nervousness.

Before I know it, I have to shut my eyes. I’m spinning way too fast.

Looking at you…..I mean really seeing you becomes too hard.

Seeing anything that was once normal becomes impossible.

But you know what?

The ride eventually ends.

Maybe we’ll be like children and take a second turn. Or maybe we’ll leave only to find another thrill.

Life’s a Beach


I like my Corona’s extra

Lime super fresca

Chilled till the tilt

I like the sand between my toes

Thoughts full smoke

Laughter till I choke

With friend’s that aren’t foes

No lines being crossed

Just the occasional beach ball

Just kidding I don’t like to run

I’m kissed by sun

****glowing baby*****

On a higher plane but we so wavy

Life’s a beach baby

I hope I don’t crash like the waves

I hope my happiness won’t fade……

Dear Mama

Sometimes I wonder if I make you happy

I wish you we can go back to the days when my hair was nappy

and you would press it

And I was never stressing

And everyday was blessing

You taught me many lessons

Like how to love myself

And how I can be my own help

If I really needed it

Always be obedient

Instead I started believing in

Something quite smaller

It’s the same thing that keeps me from calling her

Even when I tell her I’m going to call her

Like a bastard

I’m after

My own identity

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be a friend of me

Especially when I don’t know who am

And you’ve been there and done that

Well here’s a fun fact

I love you mom.

You are the calm

to the storm that is your daughter.

The Light

I didn’t really care what happened to me

but, I had to follow my own path

like alchemy

I had to make myself laugh

like how can this be?

A gifted old soul as talented  as me,

with many seeds to plant

but no harvest reap.

I’ve been lost this maze that we call life.

How can we call this earth when hell sounds about right?

Hell seems more fitting.

Still weaved between seams

like knitting.

Found my way out of self doubt.

Accepted “the now” because that’s what it’s really about.

If your reality is similar to mine,

look deep within yourself and you find

that happiness was there whole time.

Find happiness in little things and we can both shine.

Light up your world as you light up mine.


I do have loyalty

and royalty

inside my D.N.A

But I am not Kendrick

I am Willie B. Dailey’s  grandaughter

I come from a long line of fighters

and I intend on fighting harder

Not because I’m smarter

but because I have addiction,

prison convictions,

mental institutions,

and prostitution,

……….inside my D.N.A


But also have

A black woman’s strength,

A mother that never kept this black hair unkempt,

A father that pushed me to go farther

than my dreams,

An aunt who taught me “life isn’t always what it seems”,

A cousin that makes me laugh until my cheeks ache

All these things I have I in my D.N.A


Super Hero

I can wait for clarity

Or carefully

Create my own way.

Fly around the clouds of self doubt

With a cape confidence

I am built with blocks of love so that I may reach far and exceedingly above

my own expectations.

Even when I hesitate, with a fear of making a mistake, I can create whatever takes to

alleviate  my own problems.

I am not super but I am a hero to myself, kind of like, I am own my help….

Lover’s Banter

Him: “ You’re my cup of tea”.

Me: “ Well take a sip of me”.

Him: “Woman, I will overflow your fountain,

hit the peak of your mountain,

swim deep within your ocean, and

tattoo my love on your soul without you even knowing”

Me: “Man, Oh man, if you are my Adam and I am your Eve,

I will feed you this forbidden fruit, filled with hidden truth, so

that your eyes may be uncovered”.

Him: “If you are the moon, I am the wolf howls to you.

For I am King but even I shall bow to you”.

Me: “My King I will serve you with the sweetest virtue but

I am not beneath you nor above you. I am right by your side and never will hide when

things get rough”.

Him: But am I enough?

Me: “Are you enough? Is that question rhetorical? I don’t need a horoscope to tell me you are my future”.

Him: “Woman you have mended my heart like suture”.

Me: “Then keep me close”.

Him: “And close you shall be”

Me: “You say that now but in time we shall see”.


Let’s Talk About Sex

The path to a woman’s heart is right between her legs

regardless of what she says.

When you are in her slot

You’re right up in her spot

where her heart starts to tock

and heart starts to tick

and she starts questioning

Am I getting the best of him?

He wouldn’t do me wrong,

you know like the rest them?

Every time they connect

she forgets all of her regrets.

Her walls are coming down

as she realizes she’s cumming now.

She vows to be the same

and hope their love will reign

just like it did when she came.


When the smoke clears

the ghost of her fears

are there to greet her.

Introduction To Life

I wake up to greet life everyday.

I extended a handshake and it took two steps away.

I admit, I’m a little rough around the edges.

but constantly getting smooth out by life’s blessings.

I know enough to know I don’t know it all

but things that were once subtle

I’m aware of them all.

I’m aware of my flaws

along with cause

of failed relationships.

Blatant hate and shit

For no other reason

other than jealously.

You see….

That was the jealous me

A heart full envy

With a mind telling me “they’re better than me”,

Not anymore.

My heart is no longer sore.

I am no longer fluent in the language hate.

I know now that things are not always supposed to be okay.

I’m no longer entitled

I no longer  have any rivals.

There’s no competition.

On the other side,

the grass may look greener but there’s nothing missing.

I learned to listen,

I learned to love.

I know there’s a plan for me even if there is no Godly thing or man above.

That’s why I greet life everyday

I extend a handshake and say

“Hi, I’m Tay”.

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