Lover’s Banter

Him: “ You’re my cup of tea”.

Me: “ Well take a sip of me”.

Him: “Woman, I will overflow your fountain,

hit the peak of your mountain,

swim deep within your ocean, and

tattoo my love on your soul without you even knowing”

Me: “Man, Oh man, if you are my Adam and I am your Eve,

I will feed you this forbidden fruit, filled with hidden truth, so

that your eyes may be uncovered”.

Him: “If you are the moon, I am the wolf howls to you.

For I am King but even I shall bow to you”.

Me: “My King I will serve you with the sweetest virtue but

I am not beneath you nor above you. I am right by your side and never will hide when

things get rough”.

Him: But am I enough?

Me: “Are you enough? Is that question rhetorical? I don’t need a horoscope to tell me you are my future”.

Him: “Woman you have mended my heart like suture”.

Me: “Then keep me close”.

Him: “And close you shall be”

Me: “You say that now but in time we shall see”.



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