Life’s a Beach


I like my Corona’s extra

Lime super fresca

Chilled till the tilt

I like the sand between my toes

Thoughts full smoke

Laughter till I choke

With friend’s that aren’t foes

No lines being crossed

Just the occasional beach ball

Just kidding I don’t like to run

I’m kissed by sun

****glowing baby*****

On a higher plane but we so wavy

Life’s a beach baby

I hope I don’t crash like the waves

I hope my happiness won’t fade……

Introduction To Life

I wake up to greet life everyday.

I extended a handshake and it took two steps away.

I admit, I’m a little rough around the edges.

but constantly getting smooth out by life’s blessings.

I know enough to know I don’t know it all

but things that were once subtle

I’m aware of them all.

I’m aware of my flaws

along with cause

of failed relationships.

Blatant hate and shit

For no other reason

other than jealously.

You see….

That was the jealous me

A heart full envy

With a mind telling me “they’re better than me”,

Not anymore.

My heart is no longer sore.

I am no longer fluent in the language hate.

I know now that things are not always supposed to be okay.

I’m no longer entitled

I no longer  have any rivals.

There’s no competition.

On the other side,

the grass may look greener but there’s nothing missing.

I learned to listen,

I learned to love.

I know there’s a plan for me even if there is no Godly thing or man above.

That’s why I greet life everyday

I extend a handshake and say

“Hi, I’m Tay”.

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